Apex Analog

    • Analog power and high voltage products
    • op-amps,buffer amps, voltage references
    • Piezo drive,medical instruments, actuators

SV Microwave

SV Microwave

      • Microwave connectors, cable assemblies
      • Blindmate,high frequency and standard
      • Space, defense rf and microwave applications

EPC •  Space

      • Radiation hardened GaN-based power devices
      • Advanced enhancement-mode devices for space
      • Power supplies, lidar, motor drive, and ion thrusters

MicroWave Technology, Inc.

      • Microwave GasFet products.
      • Microwave amplifiers and MMICs.
      • Space, aerospace and communications

CalRamic Technologies LLC

      • Ceramic high voltage capacitors 550V to 20KV
      • Chip or leaded
      • Space level, military, aerospace, medical, geophysical and geothermal

Voltage Multipliers Inc.

      • High Voltage diodes,rectifiers,optocouplers
      • Power supplies to 100 KV and above
      • Custom assemblies for high voltage applications

Device Engineering Inc

      • Avionics transceivers/receivers/drivers Arinc 429
      • Discrete/digital , MIL/Aero, Commercial Aerospace
      • Mixed signal ASICs high voltage/RF/Transient Immunity

Q-Tech Corporation

      • High reliability hybrid crystal oscillators
      • OCXO, VCXO, TCXO, Clocks
      • Space, defense, down hole applications


      • DC-DC Power Converters
      • Hybrid circuits,Cots, and EMI filters
      • Space, aerospace, defense, and hi-rel applications

Protek, Inc

      • TVS circuit protection semiconductors
      • Surgebuster, thryistors, tvs modules
      • Aerospace, automotive, defense, networking